Amagami SS Episode 1 Review and Summary

A brief review and summary of Amagami Episode 1

Junichi Tachibana was supposed to meet this one girl during Christmas Eve, however she didn't appear at all. Two years later, he still lives life normally like he used to, withholding feelings and not attempting to feel anything until one day, he feels love once more. In this episode arc, he meets Morishima Haruka, one of the school's most popular students, who is deemed "Unreachable".

Along with that, he meets other girls who are simply friends with him like Rihoko, Ayatsuji-senpai, and a freshman who is shy when Tachibana was buying items for her. During the course of the day (specifically recess), he was asked to purchase certain kinds of flavored bread for his friends Masayoshi and Kaoru after losing in a game of Jan-Ken-Pon (Rock-Paper-Scissors).After buying the bread for his friends, and helping a redhead freshman buy some bread, he runs in with Rihoko and Haruka, respectively and they would talk about how Tachibana would buy alot of bread, thinking if he had a huge appetite of sorts.  Following after that day, when Tachibana decided to meet up with Masayoshi for an photobook of a local idol, but then, there came a run in with Morishima, wherein they took books together from the library and met Hibiki, who is Morishima's close friend at the end of the hallway. Later that afternoon, Junichi was able to talk with Morishima once more, and the fateful confession of love occurred. However, she rejects him and easily states that "she likes older and more reliable men". The day ends with Tachibana, not giving much care about Miya's dinner or anything for that matter, and started sleeping in the constellation room. The day ended from there. The pilot episode was great, with the right balance of drama and light-hearted comedy, it really dwells in some form what we should do as aspiring romantics. The voice actors did well in portraying the roles right, the animation wasn't choppy at all and the humor, it's as cheesy as it can be. This episode teaches a bit on relationships with topics like approaching and strengthening yourself in case of rejection and such. This episode also revolves around the loss of attention towards Miya, Junichi's sister, who is often insecure about Morishima and Junichi's warmness that was also for Miya. All in all, this pilot episode of Amagami is of above average quality, with love stories blooming from every possible interest that Junichi meets to fill that void that was created two years ago. 

It's worth the viewing, if you want good light-hearted romance with little drama.

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