Amagami SS Episode 2 Review and Summary

A summary and review about the second episode of Amagami SS, entitled "Approach".

In the second episode of Amagami SS, it focuses on Junichi's rejection and his feelings. Not to mention, one important event happening, which is Haruka Morishima accepting Junichi Tachibana as her boyfriend. It all begins when Junichi was reflecting on how Haruka rejected him for being not old and reliable enough as a boyfriend. His friends notice the stress and depression within him, and was asked even by Ayatsuji to go to the infirmary to have some rest, but all that is going to change, when Junichi arrives at the infirmary to find out that Haruka was at the infirmary too, sleeping. She woke up and talked about their little conversation the previous day, and Junichi asked if they can just be friends and still appreciate her. She accepted Junichi's appreciation, and proceeded towards the day, with Junichi having regained his zest, he feels happy and all. After that conversation with Haruka, he decides to be "Reliable" by learning some wrestling moves with Umehara Masayoshi later that afternoon. But, Haruka saw them wrestle, and would like to join them, however, Hibiki Tsukuhara, a close friend of Haruka,  told them that there were no wrestling equipment, hence they all went home together. During the walk home, it was revealed that Haruka actually likes a man who is persistent and adamant in his proposal, because most of the guys who proposed to her and was rejected, only proposed once. She likes a persistent man, for a boyfriend. And then, the following day came,  where it was a normal class, Kaoru played around with Junichi until he was penalized for disrupting the class. At the end of the afternoon, he had to do classwork until he met Haruka, who was asking where she can find a swimsuit because she would like to swim in the school's swimming pool. Time passed, and they were able to get a swimsuit from one of the members of the swim club, but before Haruka was able to swim in the pool, Hibiki interrupted Haruka and told them that only the Swim Club members can swim. Both Haruka and Junichi were asked to leave the swimming pool. Moments later, they decided to go to the library to look for books on pets and such. At the library, Junichi met Rihoko, who was looking for books on Dieting, they had a light conversation of sorts. Then, Junichi got the books, however Haruka was sleeping so, he waited for her until she woke up abit, in which they were alone. From there, they read some books and finally, Junichi confessed to Haruka once more, she kissed him in his eyebrow, cause she thought the eyebrows were cute. From there, they started becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. 

The episode was above average in all entirety. With the progress of Haruka and Junichi's relationship is rather kinda rushed, but for the series' sake, it was made that fast. The supporting characters were fun in their own special way for the episode like Kaoru and at some point, Miya. The voice acting and the animated expression of emotions were properly displayed. Still, Miya's jealous about Haruka and her special "appeal" which makes Junichi alive. And this episode does somehow teach us all about real life dating, and that is to never give up when the rejection occurs, the first rejection is very depressing, but when you learn to try it one more time with more confidence, she will be impressed. Also, Junichi had a form of balance when it comes to approaching, he's part-nice guy, part-jerk (due to his confident and straightforwardness), and that what makes Haruka move close to him. The lesson in this episode teaches us about how confidence and leadership skills will get us the girl in the end.

You can give it a watch and learn abit more from this episode arc. Once again, it's an above average episode worth watching.

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