Amagami SS Episode 3 Review and Summary

A summary and review of Amagami SS Episode 3

From the time that Haruka and Junichi officially became a couple, their love story starts as boyfriend and girlfriend. The morning after that fateful kiss in the library, Junichi felt the zest in his life as he was studying and becoming more energetic than ever. Girls notice it, along with his teacher, they talked about it, however, Haruka wasn't pleased with the way Junichi communicates with the people of the opposite gender. She's been showing signs of jealousy towards Junichi and the other girls. From then, the two lovebirds discussed about kissing in the eyebrows and they had a light-hearted disagreement regarding Junichi's eyebrows being "Un-cute". Then, Haruka agreed that she can be kissed, if Junichi can go to a secluded place right before lunch break is over.  So, minutes have passed, and they have sneaked away from school, and they were able to reach an abandoned watershed, where they start their supposed "Kissing Game", Haruka also refrains Junichi from letting him kiss in the lips. So he begins thinking of a way to kiss her, and that is where he kissed her behind her knees. After that kiss, they went back and had some lunch. Then, days passed and Junichi wanted more "Knee-kisses" from Haruka, but she denied him those kisses. She decides to call Tsukuhara Hibiki for advice, and what Hibiki said simply is to simply spoil him in love and such. So the next day occurs, and Haruka simply hugs Junichi and spoils him with love like no other and, later that day, Haruka and Junichi ate Ramen in an unusual way, and that is by playing the roles of an abducted hostage and an abductor respectively. People within that canteen were looking at their little game, but Hibiki told the others who were with her not to mind their (Haruka and Junichi's) agendas. The day ended in sheer amounts of fun for Haruka.

The episode in entirety, is above average in regards to taste, animation style and the voice acting. In essence, the animation is very fluid, the humor is average, but the kissing scene was the entire climax of that episode. In this episode, it also shows the nature of Jealousy, lustful intent and various kinds of things related to a teenage relationship, represented in the terms of Junichi and Haruka. Many are agreeable with us when it comes to relationship and courtship advice, especially when it comes to spoiling people with love,  however we have to give time also when they need space in life. For when you love someone, sometimes you have to give them space to breathe, so that they can focus well in other aspects of life, to help them become more vibrant than ever. Oh, and the thing about being in love makes you more inspired than ever, is very much true. most of us have experienced it in our school days and maybe even now, most of us know it for sure. 

Grab a copy of this excellent episode and see for yourself the cheesiness of early teenage love.

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