Amagami SS Episode 4 Review and Summary

A brief review and summary of Amagami SS episode 4

In the 4th episode of this dynamic love series and the conclusion of one of the story arcs in Amagami SS, this tells of the closure and the climax of the love story between the elegant Haruka Morishima and ever-persevering Junichi Tachibana in their quest for bliss and happiness. Now, that it's the Christmas season in Japan, Junichi must propose to Haruka  for that long awaited ending we all wanted to see. So, this is how it went down, while waiting for Haruka, Junichi was simply standing, until Miya arrives to solicit help from the man, because Miya was going to shop with the ever-beautiful Rihoko at the nearby shopping district. After shopping and helping the duo, Junichi has seen Haruka playing an arcade game at an alleyway. Therefore, Junichi excused himself, leaving the two girls to carry the baggage to their supposed destinations. While Junichi was playing with Haruka, she won a teddy bear at the lift machine game. They decided to play more within the arcade, and there it was revealed through a love-compatibility game that Haruka is a quarter-british. Note that her grandmother from her mother's side is british. Hence she also bears a second name: "lovely". Later, it was revealed that they have met a long time ago, on a park, where they discussed about their losses, from Junichi's girl standing up on the date, and that Haruka's dog was gone from her. Junichi finally asked Haruka out, but instead he was invited to her dinner with her grandparents in a ritzy hotel. Junichi rushed towards Haruka's house thinking that the dinner would take place in a small house, but to his surprise, he will be having dinner with Haruka's family in a exclusive hotel. They swam for abit and had a bit of time to play around, and then, it was revealed that Haruka's family will have dinner tomorrow due to delays. So, they were alone, and from there, they knew about the deeper insecurities of Junichi and Haruka, wherein she was saddened because he might have no interest left for her. But Junichi reassured her of love and they became together althemore. 10 years later, and we see a happily married Junichi and Haruka talking with Hibiki about many things in life. And it all ends, happily ever after. The End.

So that basically concludes the first arc of Amagami SS, this tells of deeper relationship skills. Wherein they had their happy times, and their sad times. The voice actors and actresses were given more depth and emotion in this climatic episode. The lesson we learn in relationship, parallel in real life is the fact that we have to listen to a girl when she needs to speak her mind out. Never to clash her words, but to absorb them and be a strong foundation, to be more than just some shoulder to cry on. But rather to be a lover, to assure her of love and true companionship. 

And with this arc recently concluded, expect the next arc which features Junichi's childhood friend Kaoru, who is also cute by the way.

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