Highschool of the Dead Episode 11 Summary/Review

A brief summary and review about the 11th episode of "Highschool of the Dead"
         In the 11th episode of Highschool of the Dead, the episode is clearly summed up as this: Takagi had a verbal argument with the other citizens of the Mansion. Takagi and Hirano considers Komuro as their Leader, yet he seems hesitant about it. Soichiro Takagi and Saeko Busujima discussed about the Murata Sword, Soichiro offers it to Saeko as a gift, Saeko declines at first but then accepts the gift from Soichiro. Rei and Komuro had a little heart to heart talk about love and once again, Rei's clingy nature towards Komuro. They had a light romantic scene, and well other than that, there was the epic comeuppance for Shido and his evil. Also in this episode it's finally revealed why Rei Miyamoto had so much hatred for that one man named Shido. The backstory between the two enemies is very disheartening, knowing that the teacher had to do something to prevent Rei's father from continuing to investigate Shido's father, who was a politician by the way. Along with that, it was also implied in the episode that the Airforce One crashed to the ground with no sign of survivors, and that the missiles were launched into space (via launch codes) as ordered by the President in the previous episodes. It was more of dialogue than action, it was fun of sorts to see how the other characters are classified like a fantasy-role-playing game. It also shows evidence of Saya Takagi's soft side for once, it was quite cute to see her personality evolve a bit aside from being a fiery tactician. The voice acting shows alot of emotion especially towards the characters in focus which were Rei Miyamoto and the evil teacher Shido, who knew nothing more than hold debaucheries and candycoat everything he would say about the zombie apocalypse. He was spared by Rei and was forced to leave by the elder Takagi. It was an episode with many things resolved in the storyline, it went back to the original plotline instead of it being appended like the 10th epsode. However with all the zombies put aside, the moral lesson of the episode's story was about Change in a new time, that people would have to accept changes in the world for the world doesn't stay the same. The other lesson would have to be that Hatred is not the way to solve things towards people, but with planning and resolve you'll be able to cope with problems and people who don't agree with you that much.

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