How School Days Can Teach Us About Love and Responsible Dating

A little life lesson provided by the sleeper hit "School Days" to be expanded and further defined in this guide.

The romantic drama "School Days" has gained much approval in the anime community as an anime that teaches people the proper values of dating. What exactly are these supposed values, especially to the non-viewer might you ask? Well, in this article, we will tackle these and furthermore enlighten you in the way of dating. For those who haven't watched the series and have intentions of watching, please skip this post. But if you're not much into anime, read along and mind not the spoilers.

The story starts with common domesticated student Makoto Itou, who apparently has set eyes upon the long-haired Kotonoha Katsura. He needed help on how to become her boyfriend, along the way he meets Sekai Saionji, fellow classmate and future love interest. From then on the story of love and lust blurs out as we find out Makoto's true intentions. He enters into a fourway harem, he gets a girl pregnant and he dies because of a crazed ex-girlfriend who thinks she is pregnant, who also dies by the hands of the "supposed" current girlfriend of Makoto. 

What has this taught us? Safe sex? Nope, it's not just that. It's a little more than sticking contraceptives and hoping it doesn't go in.

These are what we can learn from Makoto. Sekai and Kotonoha:

1. Learn to have commitment

In all things, whether in business, anime or relationships, we must learn to have the commitment to stay with that person and be committed to be happy as you are with that person. You won't have any regrets when sticking to one. When at points you'd say that it's boring, learn to switch around your routine with her, take her on a ride at the carnival, do something you'd never expect  with her (no, not that "something" silly lads and girls, something else), take her to a new restaurant or a new experience. It's the experience is what changes the routine and makes it more fun and zesty.

2. Sex is a powerful act

This is so true in many cases: aside from creating humans, sex is a emotionally connected process which provides you further feeling and emotion towards that one person, the sense of fulfillment, the feeling of conquest. That's why "Friends with Benefits" are false reports, rare if they are.

3. Act a jerk, but not to the extreme 

We all get complaints from our "Nice Guy" friends about how the "Jerk" gets the ladies, well it's true however, you must keep balance of things or else it may cost you. Makoto acted like a Jerk and in the end it took toll on his womanizing life.

The only few things I would have to say about Makoto and friends are: these people are lessons to learn from cause of their mistakes. We learn from them and now we would have to tread carefully on how we view dating, romance and sex itself as one component. 


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