Kamen Rider OOO Episode 1 Summary

A brief summary of Kamen Rider OOO Episode 1

A new day rises at the Kogami art museum, and a burglary is in progress. The two burglars, who posed as security guards just removed the camera capabilities in the security room. One of the burglars asked if anyone else would see them, but the other burglar re-assured him that the other guard is sleeping like a log. However, behind an ancient chest lies a pile of coins that formed itself into a hand-like thing. The hand turns the ancient chest's handle wide open and this causes the ancient monsters known as Greeeds to awaken from their long sleep. This causes an alarm to ring in an undisclosed location, where a group of soldiers were given coins by their team leader, these coins operated the machines known as Ridevendors and they ran off towards the museum to fight the awakened monsters. However, back at the art museum, the Greeds were slowly forming into their true selves and there were four of them. One of the Ridevendor platoon members crashed through the vault and fired a shot towards one of the greeeds, but shotgun fire isn't effective towards the greeds. The soldier confirmed it to the Kogami Head office that the Greeeds were awakened, the head of the foundation, Kosei orders the assault of the monsters and the art building itself. Kosei, at the other hand, celebrates the birth of the greeeds, while most of the Ridevendors are placed out of commission by the Greeeds.

Back at the Art museum, the third guard awoke from his long sleep, he saw a red shiny coin which in return he gave thanks for. He then takes off most of his clothes, only to discover that the museum he has worked for is destroyed. He is identified by the local police as Eiji Hino, a man with no desires and only wants some few coins and a set of clean underwear to go though from day to day. The policemen were baffled about the fact that he has no house nor any contact information, he also had his next set of underwear burnt.

While the Greeeds were successful in removing the soldiers and hid in a tunnel, they were asking themselves why they are incomplete, it was revealed that they needed more coins called "Core Medals" to help them regain their full condition and parts, and there were supposed to be one more member from the Greeeds, it was a Greeed known as Ankh. They complained that Ankh cheated them over a few cell medals and began their search to complete their forms. They started by invading a jewelry store where they took jewelry and caused one patron at the jewelry store to give birth to a Yummy, a weaker monster made from the desires of men and women. The Yummy then, leaves the Jewelry store, only to be chased by the police officers from the first scenes.

Back to Hino, who went off towards the city park and from there, he finds an awfully familiar vending machine which he has not seen. Eiji notices the red coin that he carried along with, seeing if it would get him a can of beverages. But after being accidentally shoved to the side by a pedestrian, Eiji's coin fell under the vending machine. And all hilarity breaks loose, as Hino calls a lady to help him carry the vending machine, she agrees and she lifts the machine successfully, only to find out that an arm was hiding under there. She was scared senseless and left with her friends. Eiji was also scared senseless after finding the hand under the machine, he runs for his life.

After reaching a far distance, the arm catches up to him about the core medal that Eiji has, but suddenly, the Yummy from the jewelry story came to wreck havoc and was only looking for the core medals from Ankh. There was a fight between Ankh & Eiji against the Yummy, Ankh was hurt along with Eiji, until the two policemen were able to fire at the monster, but the Yummy pushed the car towards a van causing the policemen to be in sheer pain. Eiji took one of the policemen's guns after seeing one officer die right in front of him. He opened fire towards the Yummy after seeing Ankh's arm in sheer pain, the monster couldn't take it and grabbed Eiji tossing him from a distance, however Ankh saved him and he gave Eiji the OOODriver which can turn him into Kamen Rider OOO. Once transformed, it was a quick battle that exhibited the powers of the TaToBa (Taka-Tora-Batta) form and the Taka-Kamakiri-Batta form. The Yummy was easily defeated, and afterwards Ankh possessed one of the dead policemen. The policeman's phone was ringing, only to be revealed that he has a sister. However, from afar was a Ridevendor soldier, releasing an army of birds from a can.


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