Looking For a Good Romantic Comedy Manga? Unbalance X Unbalance

Looking for a romantic comedy manga with real humanity? Unbalance X Unbalance is a romantic manga, or manhwa, featuring an unusual love forming between a teacher and a student in a typical Korean high school. Throughout the story the characters act very r
There is a brief window of time that exists whenever a book, comic, manga, or television show attempts to capture the attention of a reader. Recently I discovered a manga known as Unbalance X Unbalance. This lovely little gem features an unorthodox relationship between a teacher and a high school student. That concept may seem disturbing, and it is to some extent. However, once the fact that the student in question is revealed to be 19 years of age (a typical graduation for many Korean students) it becomes slightly less disturbing. The main angle is not, in this case, whether the teacher is a pedophile due to this fact. It is simply that she is roughly seven years older than the student Jin-Ho and that as a teacher she cannot allow things to progress even if she slowly develops feelings for the overly aggressive and sincere teen. The manga, or should I say Manhwa since it is Korean in origin, Unbalance X Unbalance is a delightful romp through the absurdities of what happens when a student falls for a teacher. However, it is also a great drama piece and in some chapters involves conflicts with other students that lead to physical altercations. Mostly, however, it is a story about two people locked in emotional conflict with each other. Neither is truly able to get what they want due to social station and position in life. This is also a series that can be labeled as a 'harem' concept. There are several beautifully drawn girls both in high school and out of it who are interested in Jin-ho. The series makes a good showing of how the rivalry between those girls increases the tension and most likely their passions for their desired love interest. However, unlike most harem style romantic comedies this series features a main male lead who actually does not lead a girl on. He knows who he wants to be with and strives to acquire her heart no matter what. This leads to a lot of hurt feelings, but a great deal of open and honest dialogue. Jin-ho is not perfect and does do stupid things. This makes sense since he is still a teen. Nae-Young, the teacher, also is unable to truly accept her feelings for many reasons. There is the fact that she does no truly understand them. She also has unrequited father issues due to certain facts shared in the story. She doesn't generally trust men. In all this is a lovely little story and a must read for anyone who likes drama, tension, love stories, and does not need a demon slaying scene anywhere in their fiction. This title is all too human and lovely because of that fact.


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