New Sailor Moon Anime Makes the Scene in 2013

The year 2012 marked the 20th anniversary of the smash hit anime series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. During the festivities for the series a new Sailor Moon anime to debut in 2013. Read on to discover how Naoko Takeuchi and Kodanshi comics are joining for

The well-known anime and manga series Sailor Moon has spawned numerous movies, fan comics, musicals and even a live action television show. It was one of the first series to truly make an impact in North America and has been cited by many individuals as being partially responsible for the current anime craze that encompasses the western hemisphere.

Since 1992, the main characters of the Sailor Moon universe have been known worldwide. While their names change somewhat in different regions and their senshi identities may also suffer from localization most people who have ever heard of the show at least know of the general nature of these characters. The titular character, Sailor Moon, is known by several names but the two that are the most recognized are Serena and Usagi. She is considered to be a goofy, childish, impetuous, cry-baby type of character. However, she always manages to win in the end either through luck or the power of friendship, the latter usually involves some sort of light pop soundtrack explaining about how "She's got the power." or something similar.

The year 2012 marked the twenty year anniversary of this series and its fandom in general. Naoko Takeuchi and Kodanshi comics announced recently that the long hiatus between the original series and a brand new anime series is at an end. There will be a brand new anime series created and released for long suffering fans to enjoy. There were no details announced concerning the actual content of the series. A great deal of speculation is occurring among interested parties, however. One bit of news that is not speculation involves the one thing many fans wanted to know most. Once the series runs its course in Japan it will be released worldwide.

While the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon serious is notorious in many parts of the world for the lack of a complete English dub for the latter seasons, and constant changes to the English voice actress roster during the dubbing process for the earlier seasons, there is hope for a full English adaptation of the new series at least.

There was a time when this series set the world on fire. Many believe that its focus on young people dealing with normal everyday problems on top of fantastic problems that don't exist in real-life is a timeless fable. In a world where animation and popular entertainment in general is defined more and more by cleavage and exploding showers of blood this is a welcome return to a more innocent time. It will be a return to a time where mini-skirts of power, hyper active hormones, boy craziness, j-pop, and friendship were enough to save the day.


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